Knowdell Career Advisor Practitioner Course

This 2 day workshop was developed to equip educators, HR practitioners, Social Service officers, Skills Future Advice officers, Industry mentors, to offer basic career advice in addition to their primary roles

Why this course?

The certification allows participants to put the title
“Knowdell Career Advisor”
as part of their signature sign-off upon course completion.

What is covered?

  • Adopting and utilising the Knowdell Transition Framework as a guide during their discussions with students/clients
  • Knowing how to ask the right questions that help students/clients to explore their career issues.
  • Seamlessly use career assessment tools (Knowdell card sort) within the coaching framework.

Outcomes for participants

On completion of training, participants will be equipped with the following:

  • International branding (Knowdell)
  • Basic career advising skills to use when guiding an individual on their career journey
  • An understanding and ability to apply Knowdell Transition Framework in their roles as Knowdell Career Advisors
  • Enable clients to make informed career decisions within the Knowdell framework of advising
  • Basic Career theories
  • Knowledge to use Knowdell Assessment Card Sorts to help clients.

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